We are very excited to own the Cinestar 8!  This platform is capable of delivering unique results that a single rotor heli does not excel at.  The multi rotor platform is quiet, safe, and calculated giving you the look of an insanely expensive large camera crane.  It is capable of doing large reveals and is excellent at holding at a certain altitude, due to its built in GPS system.  This is ideal for television and movie sets both indoor and out.

Asa takes us through all the components that you can expect when you order the Cinestar 8 and starts the assembly.

In the next installment we have it all assembled and ready to fly.  We are almost ready to set up the GPS and attach the camera.

The Cinestar is up and running!  We have got amazing footage down from it and are currently working on getting the down link station set up to monitor the video feed.