Well all the ground work has been laid down. All the new equipment is bought and fine tuned properly, it’s time to fly this bird and press record for our demo reel. We will be filming all across the west coast, Tahoe, San Fran, Reno and Southern California. We will be showing all the different angles that are possible as well as the many applications for unmanned aerial filming. The lineup includes motorcycles, bands, skating, killer scenery, and probibly not Dubstep music.


While we are on the subject of Demo Reels lets take a look at a few.

Here is an example of some other demo reels, not ours, that we thought were pretty amazing.  We are thinking about using Awolnation and the song sail…….


oh darn, its already been used by everyone else on their demo tapes and show reels.



Wow, goodbye Kids, by MGMT this is the new hot song for editing video to

This may even take down that MIA song

if you want to see a plethora more demo reels click here!