We were so excited to shoot with our friend Dan Hamilton down at Hold Fast Cycles in Oakland, Ca.  He has been into motorcycles for quite some time now and he was recently able to open up his shop with his friend and business partner Greg Clipper.  What they do in this shop is nothing short of amazing.  Starting with only frames they produce motorcycles that look like they are going to get a speeding ticket when they are parked.  Check out this short video of their shop and the two owners ripping up their neighborhood.  We didn’t put any helicopters up in the air for this project but we are planning on it for the next shoot with them.  We were able to test out our new 15 foot Jony Jib with remote video head.  We were really happy with the professional results that this jib system can deliver.  We originally purchased it as a back up to flying but we are realizing that it offers its own unique shots.  We shot with a Canon 60D, Canon T3i, and the new Hero II camera.

Riders: Dan Hamilton, Greg Clipper  Location: Oakland, Ca

Music: The Unseen, Scream Out

*These two are professional motorcycle riders, do not attempt to re create any of the stunts performed in this video

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